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Our Story

Alford Enterprises is a service-based Specialty Communication Firm founded in 1999 by Bonniejean Alford (initially as Alford Research Center). At that time, we focused solely on various areas of market research. As we expanded to include other aspects of communication, we became Alford Enterprises, evolving to incorporate a multitude of strategic communication services to meet the needs of our clients, centering in four key areas within the overarching industry of communication, marketing, and public relations:

Our Mission

By drawing upon years of experience, we will work with clients to communicate their unique message in an affordable manner through content writing, editing, research, and other aspects of strategic communication. By building partnerships with other agencies and individuals, we will work to create positive change in the world through ethical public relations and marketing tactics.

Our Vision

Our vision is to continue to expand, meeting our clients’ goals and needs with quality and efficiency for years to come.  We will always strive to make the world a better place by connecting with other world citizens through our work and partnerships.

Our Values

Integrity: Through honesty, loyalty, and excellence, we strive to always do the right thing even in the face of difficulty.

Knowledge: We recognize the importance of technology and expertise in the process of connecting people, whether near or far, and in making life more efficient.

Community: We build relationships and partnerships at both the local and global levels aimed at giving back to the ever-expanding world in which we live and operate.

Versatility: We represent the embodiment of academic scholarship as it meets creative innovation for marketing potential.


Meet the Team

Members of our team are well educated, holding multiple degrees in various subjects, including Sociology, Research Methodologies, Communication, English, Business, and Accounting, among other areas of training.

As such, team members are familiar with the wide variety of cultures that this world has to offer and are ideally suited to work with our clients in diverse and ever-changing global markets, especially those looking to expand to the worldwide marketplace.

Bonniejean Alford

Creative Communication Strategist

A global communication strategist and social media influencer with more than 20 years of experience.

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Creative Communication Assistant

We are seeking college credited interns (a.k.a. Creative Communication Assistants).

Areas of expertise required:

Public Relations, Marketing, and Communication
Photography and Film
Graphic Design


College Credit
Real World Application of Classroom-learned Skills

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