Bonniejean Alford


Bonniejean Alford, B.S., M.A., M.A., A.B.D.
Founder and Creative Communication Strategist

Bonniejean Alford holds a Master of Art Degree in both Communication (PR and Media) and Sociology (Applied Research Methodologies). Between this background and her travels, she has encountered a variety of cultures from around the world which uniquely qualifies her to prepare marketing and PR campaigns anywhere for any culture. Indeed, she has been hired by people overseas to design exactly that.

Bonniejean has spent several years working as a professional photographer, special moments for over two decades. When talking with friends and co-workers it became clear that the world of portrait photography seemed to lack a certain personality.  As a trained visual Sociologist, Bonniejean wants to offer her photography skills at an affordable price, but still in a creative and natural manner that communicates a unique message for her clients.

Very quickly, Bonniejean realized that her skills offered great potential and decided to expand Alford Enterprises into the specialty communication firm that it was meant to be, a firm dedicated to meeting their clients’ communication needs at an affordable cost. To accomplish this task, she returned to graduate school earning a second master's degree in Communication, focus in Media and Public Relations (her first M.A. was in Sociology, focus in Applied Research Methodologies, as noted above).

Bonniejean has taught at the college level for over sixteen years.  She has taught high school and worked to educate the youth of Ne-Ke’s Theatre Company regarding literacy and etiquette.  Bonniejean served on the Executive Board of Ne-Ke’s Theatre Company as the Director of Communication.

Bonniejean believes in giving back to the community. You can often find her working with various not-for-profit groups, both locally and globally. She strongly believes that society is interconnected and evolves with regard to that connection. In that light, she created her Academic blog—Social Evolution Reborn—where she, along with other world citizens, express their beliefs about the world and the occurrences within it. She also has developed her company blog—Scribbles—to examine special topics related to being an entrepreneur within the communication arena.

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