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“She is amazing. Very professional and friendly. A real way with word and I can safely mention that this piece of work would not have been at the quality I intended without Bonniejean. Highly recommended and will use again.” ~ David Gardiner, international client

“It is with great honor that I recognize Alford Enterprises. I always knew Bonniejean to be a solid writer on a personal level, but when my company's client list grew beyond capacity, I knew I needed a verbose, universal writer who I could rely on for strength, academic experience, knowledge, and cultural translation to adult learners and a broad level of constituents. Without any hesitation, I approached her to take on writing projects and proceeded to contract her freelance writing services to serve our University clients across multiple states. Not only was I impressed with her ability to quickly adapt her writing to capture the focus for each unique marketing campaign, but also her amazing talent to thoroughly research, replicate, and accurately represent our partner institutions in tonality and expression. It is a true pleasure to work with Bonniejean and I commend her for the outstanding work she is doing. Without doubt, I rely on Bonniejean as an extension of Capital Education’s marketing department." ~ Linda E. Alberty, Marketing Coordinator, Capital Education, LLC

“We hired Alford Enterprises to document our wedding and received so much more than we bargained for! Not only was a uniquely written poem written about our union, but the photographs that were taken were more than just wedding photos to us. When we look at our photos we see our relationship, our personalities, and our family, not just the one day that was our wedding.  Alford Enterprises captured unique moments between us that told the story of our relationship. We are a blended family and had our daughter included in our wedding ceremony. Alford Enterprises was able to translate that into our photographs, with our daughter cutting the wedding cake with us. Their attention to detail and one of a kind approach made our special day that much more special. We now have not only special memories, but keepsakes that stand out from your "run of the mill" photographs. Their professionalism was outstanding and the personalization that was brought to our event was beyond what we expected. On top of all that, Alford Enterprises was extremely affordable, given the level and multitude of service we received.  They were even able to work within our budget. We would highly recommend Alford Enterprises and the services they offer to anyone looking for a unique and outstanding experience. We will definitely be using them again for any other special occasion or milestone.” ~Jacob and Lorrie Cagan.

“Bonniejean enthusiastically took this assignment and did a fantastic job of researching and writing the eBook for us. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone seeking a skilled business writer.”  ~ GaggleAmp Marketing Department

"Bonniejean was prompt, friendly, professional, and responsive. I highly recommend her for all your writing needs. She took my very messy resume and reworked it into tremendously good shape. I'll certainly contact her again for similar work." ~ Lynn Beighley, résumé client

“My office space is essential to being able to work with students and schedule performances. Recognizing my busy schedule, Alford Enterprises works with me to organize my space in a functional way that also isn’t visually pleasing. It is still a work in progress, but allows me to function increasingly better after each session. Thank you.” ~ Michelle Areyzaga, Vocal educator and Professional Opera Singer

“I was pleased to hire Bonniejean again for another phase of my project.  She knows just how to take my thoughts and make them stand out.  I would recommend her for any writing or editing job you have.  I will hire her again for sure. Top notch, very pleasant, and as always above and beyond the call of duty. I highly recommend her!” ~ David Gardiner, international client

“I really do not know how I should begin to express what she had accomplished. The work had a very very tight deadline and was very specific and complex for someone not that of an expert in finance. But Bonniejean was for SURE the person who could do the job. I was asking more than 50 so-called experts but no one could do the job of writing this work. The skills Bonniejean applied were AMAZING, she was always available to discuss anything with me about the work and asked me many critical questions regarding the requirements and how the final work should become. She is a true INTELLECT from the first degree. I do not have enough words to praise her. But anyone who wants certainty for their jobs and deadlines the place is with Bonniejean!!! All of you, she is really one of a kind!!! Thank you!!” ~ ab, international client for finance literature review

“Alford Enterprises did an amazing job, and went above and beyond my expectations. They truly captured all the great moments on our wedding day. Very pleased with all my photos. It's a day I will never forget, because I have all the awesome photos to remind me. I would definitely recommend using.” Brandon Balke

“It was a pleasure to work with Bonniejean, who handled the job with extreme professionalism and expertise. She constantly kept me updated on progress, and made excellent suggestions to improving my resume, CV, and generic cover letter. I would recommend Bonniejean with no hesitation.”  ~ Jeffrey Wielgus, résumé client

“A passionate and intelligent researcher and writer. Blended well with my writing style, edge, and prose. Able to identify data that was available and data unavailable from challenges outside of comfort zones. Also, a fun person to work with for sure.” ~ John McAdam, Breast Cancer Research Project Coordinator

“Great job. Quick, well laid out resume. This is sure to get some job inquiries!!!!” ~ Carmela Lane, résumé client

“Deep, relevant and speedy research as always. Happy to use Bonniejean on all client projects.” ~ Storyforge, Academic Research

“Bonniejean is a great talent! I was very pleased with the quality of her writing and her knowledge about crafting effective and engaging social media posts.” ~ Emery Media Management, social media posts

“Bonniejean did a very thorough research and produced a very well written eBook. The more we work with her, the more she retains more about what we do as a company and continually creates even better eBooks.”  ~ GaggleAmp Marketing Department

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