Kevin Ballantine (August 9, 1988 - January 15, 2012) was an inspiration to Alford Enterprises' founder Bonniejean from the very first time she met him as a second grader in her religious education class. Over the years, Bonniejean and Kevin kept in touch, and eventually Kevin became the teacher to Bonniejean, inspiring her to follow her dreams and continue to be the change she wishes to see in the world.In 2012, Kevin passed away from Leukemia, leaving his own dreams unfulfilled, but inspiring many lives through his compassion and purpose to create change.

Since then, Bonniejean sought a way to honor Kevin's memory and thus the Kevin Ballantine Portrait was born with support from his family.

The Kevin Ballantine Portrait is a portrait sitting that Alford Enterprises (or one of their partners nationwide) provides free to a family facing the loss of a member through terminal illness.

While we do not have partnerships in all locations, we are working on building relationships with photographers throughout the United States so we can provide family portraits to as many families as possible. Currently, we have confirmed photography partnerships in Illinois, California, and South Carolina.

If you are interested in being a recipient of a Kevin Ballantine Portrait, becoming a partner photographer, or donating to help defer the costs of expenses, please contact us. Note, however, as of yet, we do not have not-for-profit designation for this aspect of Alford Enterprises so your donation would not be tax deductible.

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