I am a Plumber of Words


I was having a conversation with a friend of mine one day. He is a Plumber. He works on installing and repairing people’s pipes. I realized the similarities in our jobs.

As a Writer and Editor, a Word Artist, if you will, I spend my time installing and repairing people’s words.

Like the pipes in someone’s home, words can freeze, get stuck, and prevent the next words from emerging. The tender hands of specialized keystrokes melt away the ice in the words, sparking new images, allowing a writing to break free from its captor. The words then dance out of the screen as water sprays out of the faucet.

Language, like the pipes of an old home, can vary from person to person, culture to culture, age to age. Sometimes, they lose their luster over time or between societies and the planned communication lost, rusted by years of disuse or uncertainty in meaning. The words need repair, for they are not flowing clearly. A skilled Word Artist can repair another’s words without losing the original voice. Indeed, they can enhance it.

This is where I often come in, shaping someone’s ideas in such a way that it still sounds like their voice, often using most of their words even. Only now it appears in a manner that readers can understand and feel connected with.

Like the Plumber, sometimes a complete installation from scratch is necessary. A new project, slate clean and ready for the magic to happen. Letter by letter. Word by word. Line by line. Paragraph eventually formed. A message can swim through the sentences with ease.

I am a plumber of words. I repair them. I rescue them. I use them as my building materials.

I shape words into BOLD creations.


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