Alford Enterprises incorporates into its functioning a multitude of strategic communication services to meet the needs of our clients, centering in four key areas within the overarching industry of communication, marketing, and public relations: Writing and Editing, Research and Organization, Presentations and Event Management, and Imagery and Social Media.

We provide various levels of these services to individuals and businesses of all sizes and purposes, both domestically and internationally in several industries, including Technology, Higher Education, Military/War, Criminal Justice, Entertainment, Construction, and Health Care.

We specifically listen to and have the know-how to fulfill the unique communication needs of our varied client list.

If uncertain about whether or not we can complete a project, simply ask. We will provide a price and completion estimation.
Initial consultations to discuss your project are always free.

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Writing and Editing

Our most requested service.Includes marketing copy, blog writing, ghostwriting, résumé creation, novel editing, corporate editing, and  more.

Research and Organization

Knowledge is key to any successful project. Services include researching to build a campaign, organizing data for a positive outcome, and more.

Presentations and Event Management

Sharing information through engagement. Services include creating talks, giving talks, planning and executing events, fundraising, and more.

Imagery and Social Media

Our other most requested service. Includes photography, videography, social media expansion, and more.


Community Partnerships

At Alford Enterprises, we believe that the world is truly a village and in that light we have developed partnerships with different people and agencies, some as clients and some as business associates.

As a society, we are connected to people and it is essential that we recognize our very important connections.

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