Presentations and Event Management


Content Presentation. Event Management.

Assisting you with communicating your message is at the root of our work.

Through research, writing, and design, we create content material for you to present to your audience, no matter the setting.

We expertly craft a marketing or public relations event targeting your intended purpose, whether education, fundraising, or something else altogether.

We work with you to ensure they have the resources necessary to make any event or presentation a success.

Public Presentations.

We can develop a talk to meet the needs of your audience.

Members of our team make presentations to various size audiences for both educational and motivational purposes.

Our skilled presenters have over twenty years of speaking experience in front of various types of groups, including classrooms, corporations, and theatre.

Some of our prepared talks/performances:

  • "Life's a ____"
  • "Food is Not Thine Enemy"
  • "Generational Gaps"
  • "Oral History - an essential component of Family History in Social Context"
  • "Telling your Ancestor's Story" - History in Social Context”
  • "Using Photographs to Trace Your Family Story"

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