Writing and Editing


Writing. Ghostwriting.

We create content.

eBooks, white pages, webpages, blogs, case studies, radio and print advertisements, flyers, brochures, non-fiction books (or portions therein), family stories, fiction books, poetry, press releases, sales letters, business plans, and more.

We write in many industries.

Technology, Higher Education, Military/War, Criminal Justice, Entertainment, Construction, Health Care, Finance, and Organization Management, among others.

We have worked with personal and corporate clients all over the world.

We can create the piece as authored by us or we can be hired for ghostwriting (that is, we write it, you give your name to it).


We edit content that we created for clients as well as work provided to us that has been written by the client.

We have various levels of editing.

Developmental editing, content editing, line editing, and standard proofreading.

Essentially, we edit your manuscript and/or help to fill in your written piece, preparing it for the intended marketplace.

We have the expertise to make the alterations required while retaining your unique voice.


Résumé Creation.

We can create or revamp your résumé.

We have a near 100% return on garnering interviews and a 90%+ rate of job acquisition within four months.

We build the résumé around who you are, written to represent YOU not some template.

We follow three guidelines in résumé creation:

  1. Layout is pleasing, streamlined, and grabs the attention of the potential employer.
  2. A clear cut career summary of 3-6 sentences.
  3. Job descriptions are in bullet form, highlighting both duties and outcomes.

We create ancillary pieces, including reference list, bio, thank you letter, cover letter, LinkedIn, and more.


We will partner with you as you write your fiction or non-fiction piece.

We are more than just a cheerleader and editor, but a guide, assisting you as you let your creativity reach the page.


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